…but there is a new trend. It is not just Russian women who seek to marry foreign men–now Russian men are also looking for foreign women. This news report from RT tells the story of an American bride and a Russian groom.  They are just an example of one of several new trends in international marriages.

Russia is already suffering a demographic crisis: Russian women significantly outnumber men. For every 100 Russian men, then are only 86.8 women. The situation is similar in Ukraine, where there are 86.3 women for every 100 men. If more Russian men marry foreign women, the demographic crisis for Russian women will only deepen. Regardless, with our increasingly globalized world, international marriages are here to stay. Binational couples need experienced and honest immigration counsel to help them navigate the complex laws of the U.S. immigration system. That’s why we’re here; to help you get through and get on with living your new, international life.

There are a few key questions you will need to answer: Where will you perform the marriage ceremony? Where will you live? What citizenship will your children have?

How we help with international marriages

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